Neel Saagar


I love this soda fired pot. A special firing technique that is recently introduced in the KAC studio. This was an experimental pot I made to see how colors and patterns turn out in the soda firing. The morning sun gleaming on the pot through the freezing weather of Kirkland makes this piece look stunning!

Neel Saagar = Blue Ocean in English. The waves and the color on this pot reminds me of the Blue Ocean.

Mystic’s Plate


‘Mystic’s Plate’ with a mystical message. Look deep

जयन्ति ये सुकृतिनः रस-सिद्धाः कवीश्वराः ।
नास्ति तेषां यशःकाये जरा-मरणजं भयम् ॥


What you get out of the kiln is always a gift. Even though the potter works on the piece, when it goes into the kiln there is always a sense of detachment and opening the kiln after the firing always feels like unwrapping a gift. Sometimes you like what’s in the box and sometimes you don’t. I like this gift from the fire god… a beautiful hypnotic pattern in the bowl.

Hypnotic Bowl

Obvara Pot

WP_20151107_139 1

Obvara (Ab-Vara, or so I’m told) is a 19th-20th century Belarussian technique involving scalding the finish on the pottery to seal the porous surface.  The bisqued piece is heated to approx 1650 F and removed and dunked into the Obvara mixure and then dunked in water to rapidly cool the piece.